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Silicon coating liquid 2#

2# product specification

1、The physical and chemical properties

Appearance & Properties:Orange-red liquid

pH value (specific gravity 1.08 g / cm3): 1.4~1.8


Boiling point::N/A

Flash point: N/A

Solubility:Easily dissolved in water

Upper explosion limit(% ): N/A

Lower Explosive Limit(%): N/A

Critical temperature: N/A

Critical pressure:N/A

Stability: Stable

Condition of avoiding contact:Reducing agent, alkali, high temperature

Polymerization hazard:Not polymerize

Hazardous decomposition products: Not decomposing

2、Risk overview

Invasive pathways: inhalation, ingestion, eyes, and skin.

Health hazards: may cause eye irritation, redness, tearing, may cause serious damage to the cornea, steam inhalation can cause nasal and respiratory irritation, dizziness, weakness, nausea, headache inflammation, severe loss of consciousness, on the skin and mucous membrane irritation and corrosive, can cause dermatitis, eczema, ulcers.

Environmental hazards: hexavalent chromium can cause significant pollution to the environment, a higher incidence of cancer-causing disease.

Explosion Hazards: None

3、Emergency treatment

Skin contact: wash the skin with a large amount of water,if the skin feels pain, medical treatment.

Eye contact: lift the eyelids, mobile water rinse for 15 minutes or more,if there is irritation, medical treatment.

Inhalation: escape to fresh air. If breathing hard, give oxygen immediately.

Ingestion: If the patient is conscious, drink plenty of water immediately to help induce vomiting after drinking, serious medical treatment immediately.

4Fire-fighting measures

Hazardous characteristics: strong oxidizing, avoid contact with reducing substances, corrosive.

Extinguishing agent: water, dry sand, powder extinguishing agent, carbon dioxide gas fire extinguishing agent.

The main issues and measures of fire: Firefighters should wear positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus, wearing fire protective clothing to prevent skin and eye contact.。

5、Leakage emergency treatment

Emergency Processing:The disposal personnel should properly protect the body, ventilation in the leaking area,adsorption with inert material (such as: dry sand, dirt), Waiting for disposal in a dry, clean, covered container,Spill in the leak area with ferrous sulfate, sodium sulfite, etc. reducing leakage,neutralizing treatment by aqueous solution of soda ash, caustic soda etc. Rinse with water,fluid can not be directly discharged into the river.

6、Operation disposal and storage

Operation disposal idea: the operator should wear suitable protective equipment, avoid direct contact with eyes and skin, to prevent inhalation. Away from fire, heat source, smoking.Carefully clean the hands and face after use,to avoid the protection of pollution into the lounge.

Storage note: avoid direct sunlight, keep in good ventilation.

7、Contact control / individual protection

Respiratory system protection: wear appropriate protective masks to prevent corrosive vapors, aerosol inhalation.

Eye protection: wear protective goggles when operating.

Body protection: Use aprons, boots, etc. depending on the situation.

Hand protection: Wear suitable protective gloves.

8、Physical and toxic materials

Acute Toxicity: Test rat: LD60 = 190mg / Kg (oral); test rat: LD60 = 137 mg / Kg (intraperitoneal injection)

Subacute and chronic toxicity: N/A

Irritation: Irritating

Sensitization: N / A

Mutagenicity: N / A

Teratogenicity: N / A

Carcinogenicity: Carcinogenic

9、Ecological data

Ecotoxicity: N / A

Biodegradability: N / A

Non-biodegradable: N / A

Biological enrichment or biological accumulation: N/A

Other harmful effects: N/A

10、Disposal of waste

Waste disposal methods: reducing hexavalent chromium with ferrous sulfate, sodium sulfite reducing agent,neutralization with an aqueous solution of soda ash, caustic soda, etc. Recovered in the form of chromium hydroxide,and then hand over to the parties concerned。

Note: Do not directly discharged waste in the environment, to avoid the impact on the environment.

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