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Silicon coating liquid 4#

4# product specification

1、The physical and chemical properties

Appearance :White liquid

Bouquet: faint odor was (benzol smell)

Boiling point: 100 ℃ (according to the boiling point of water and so on)

Volatile: No

Melting point: 0 ℃ (according to the melting point of water and so on)

Specific gravity: 1.02 ~ 1.06 (25)

Solubility (water): You can mix any ratio

Viscosity: 10 ~ 100cps (25 ℃)

Usage: used for metal surface treatment

Stability: stable

2、Environmental Impact

2.1 Health Hazard

United Nations classification: does not belong to dangerous goods

Invasive ways: inhalation, ingestion, percutaneous absorption.

Health hazard: stimulating the skin and eyes. Adsorption on the skin, some people can emit macula.

2.2 Hazard emergency treatment

Accidentally enters the eye: rinse immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical professional treatment immediately..

Careless contact with skin: rinse with plenty of water. Pain and discomfort should seek professional treatment immediately.

Accidentally inhaled: gargle with plenty of water.

Accidentally swallowed: please don't take the way of forced vomiting and should immediately clean mouth, and seek immediate medical professional treatment.

2.3 Environmental hazards

Environmental pollution:a large number of products flows into accidentally river and other places, will cause fish death..

Flammability: None (the residue after water evaporation is flammable objects)

The fire (automatic fire, and whether the water should be): no

Self-response characteristics, explosive: None

Dust Explosive: None

3、Emergency disposal method

3.1 The measures should be taken when a fire started

Fire fighting methods: This product is non-combustible, but the residue after the evaporation of water is flammable objects. Cut off the fire source, use the fire extinguishing agent at the outlet. You must wear appropriate respirators when fire.

When the fire occurs, due to the high temperature decomposition and incomplete combustion will produce gas containing black smoke and toxic carbon monoxide etc. so we must pay attention.

Extinguishing Media: effective extinguishing agent is water, foam, carbon dioxide and powder extinguishing agent.

3.2 Measures to be taken when the leakage occurs

A small amount of leakage: Wipe with broken yarn. Cleaning should wear protective equipment.

A large number of leakage:use surround filling to prevent overflow and then lead to safe place, to prevent spills into the rivers and canals, should collect with the containers , collection should be put on the gas appliance.

4、Major issues in the use and preservation

Use: Use in well ventilated place. You should wear proper protective equipment. Containers, utensils and piping should be selected rust material succ as stainless steel, plastic and glass.

Save: seal the container and place it in the room to keep out of the sun and the freezing point.

The use of equipment: the best choice for the use of the overall ventilation device or local exhaust device.

Gas appliances: protective goggles (ordinary glasses anti-virus tools, with cover glasses gas appliances, dustproof glasses gas appliances)

Protective gloves: plastic-type, rubber type

Protective clothing: long-sleeved clothes, antistatic protective clothing and trousers

5、Transport cautions

Land transportation: confirm if the embolism in each container is sealed and leakage, load the goods carefully, prevent the container upside down, drop, friction and crack goods.

6、Main items of waste

When an external waste is being commissioned, the employees in the process of handling the waste to confirm the waste and to entrust the process.

Internal processing: according to the relevant laws and regulations to deal with the waste (according to the state, the road, house, county and local regulations, regulations)

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