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HT-1 high temperature resistant radiation protection coatings

The High radiation energy saving coating is with dense structure, can separate atmosphere from corrosion, seal and protect the inner lining material. It is a special functional coating, with high temperature resistant, high emissivity, high corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Applications: usually work at above 600 ℃ high temperature furnace, furnace structure material is mainly all kinds of refractory materials such as high brick, clay brick, castable, ceramic fiber, etc.

Suitable furnace: ceramic kiln, cowper stove, Cement kiln, steel rolling heating furnace, sintering furnace, furnace in fluid bed, boiler, reverberatory furnace, etc.

Features: high radiation energy saving coating:

1) Coating for high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, high strength, wear resistance, resistance to high temperature gas erosion, effectively protect the furnace wall, prolong the service life of more than 50%.

2) The compact structure of coating, can separate corrosion atmosphere, sealing, protecting the inner lining materials.

3) Due to the high adhesive strength with substrate, the coating can penetrate matrix form transition layer and the structure of the coating, with a high resistance to mechanical shock and thermal shock.

4) Improving the blackness of paint, make its emissivity above 0.9 in the spectrum interval of wavelength 2.5-15 microns. And make stabilizing treatment for senblacking agent, to improve the anti-aging performance, prolong the service life.

5) Using IPN technology, to make the surface of the coating be Low surface energy and low coefficient friction, to let it be dry between tar and surface, thus prevent tar adhesion effectively.

HT - 1 high temperature resistant radiation protection coatings
(HT series high temperature polycrystalline mineralized black ceramic infrared energy saving coating)

Main performance Applicable scope and application examples
Refractoriness,℃  ≥1790

HT series of paint have been successfully applied in Baosteel, Shougang, Anshan Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, the Yangtze, Yanshan, Shanghai, Zhenhai, Dalian, a heavy, heavy machinery Beijing, Luoyang Tractor Factory and other hundreds of units on thousands of furnace , the average energy saving of about 5%.

Normal firing rate ,εn,500℃ ≥0.9
Reheating linear shrinkage,%,1450℃ ≤1.7
Thermal expansion coefficient(100℃-1100℃)  5.75-6.80x10-6/℃
Thermal shock resistance(1000℃≒cold water) Alumina bricks + HT coating, through 10 cycles, the coating is no peeling, no cracking

Actual use case

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