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YF2005 COAT dew point corrosion prevention coating

Anti-corrosion coatings, generally divided into conventional anti-corrosion coatings and heavy-duty coating, is an essential paint coating. Conventional anticorrosion coating can prevent the non-ferrous metals from corrosion in general conditions; Heavy-duty coating refers to the coating, which is applied in a relatively harsh corrosive environment, and have longer to achieve than conventional anticorrosion coating protection of anticorrosive coatings, compares to conventional anticorrosive coatings.

Main performance Application & Instance

maximum operation temperature, ℃


Heating furnace metal shell wall,The junction between reinforced bar and the furnace shell,The anchor nails welding in the furnace shell plate, All kinds of metal pipe, The Isolation anticorrosion for container wall , pipe joint and elbow. YF2005COAT has been successful applied on the Petrochemical heating furnace in Dalian, Zhenhai, Qingdao, etc.

Flash point, ℃ 120 ℃ thermal stability


Sample at 100 ℃, 5% H2SO4 solution (PH = 1) in brew

No oil separation

Sample at 100 ℃, 5% HCL solution (PH = 1) in brew

15d is not peeling off, the base is not corrosive

Actual use case



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