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YF-98 Anti-blocking coating

Main performance

Application & Instance

Refractoriness,℃ ≥1790 Suitable for shaft kiln and rotary kiln. The Y series anti-blocking coating has been successfully applied in BaoSteel, Shandong cement, conch cement plant unit, etc.
Coefficient of thermal expansion (100℃-1100℃) 5.5-7.5x10-6/℃
Refractoriness under load, ℃ ≤2% 1370
Coating adhesion (bonded high alumina bricks)Mpa ≤4% 1470
Compressive strength(500℃,2h后)Mpa ≥2
Thermal shock resistance(1000℃≒The cold water)  ≥20 Ten times circulation, coating is not peeling, no crack 
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